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Water leaks happen, and when they do it’s not always obvious where the leak is coming from.  Our plumbers are skilled at pin pointing where the leak is coming from and diagnosing water leak issues.  We then fix it, and properly.  That could mean chopping a hole in the wall, ceiling or floor to expose the leaking culprit, fixing it, then reinstating the area.


Specialised leak locating equipment which sends radio frequency down the pipes is used to identify and locate leaks within concealed pipes, concrete slabs, underground, within walls and ceilings.

Leak Locating

Pipe - Blocked Drains.jpg

Blocked drains are just annoying.  You know when you get that gurgling sound in your drains or sinks?  It’s your pipes telling you they are clogged with goodness knows what.  You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff we unblock from pipes – kitty litter, toilet ducks, rubber gloves and then there are the old tree roots (the root cause of a lot of blockages – pun intended).

Our vehicles are fitted with powerful water jetting equipment and CCTV camera equipment to locate the blockage and get the blockages unstuck and moving freely again.

Blocked Drains

Bath Flooded - Waterproofing.jpg

As well as applying waterproofing to new structures we also fix waterproofing issues.  That is to apply a waterproof barrier around an area which is likely to get wet such as balconies, bathrooms, laundries and planter boxes.  This prevents water seeping through the underlying structure of the building and causing damage.

Water Proofing

Plumber with Wrench - Water Jetting.jpg

Our water jet equipment allows up to clear and unblock storm water and sewer pipes up to 300mm in diameter.  Each of our vehicles is fitted with water jetting equipment to unblock pipes up to 150mm (your standard pipe size) and we run one dedicated van with bigger water jetting equipment for the 300mm pipe jobs.

Water Jetting

Plumber - CCTV.jpg

This is a small camera attached to the end of a pipe which we navigate into underground pipes to determine a whole host of issues from blockages, leaks, obstructions and pipe integrity.  Knowing exactly what the problem is allows us to accurately work out how to fix it.  Sometimes the pipes need a complete dig up and replace.  Other times we can send a hook down the pipe to remove the obstruction.  The CCTV footage can either be provided on a UBS or we upload it to our YouTube channel – FPS Poo Cam (be warned though, the videos can contain some pretty disgusting images).


Mixer Tap dripping - Pipe Integrity.jpg

Often with older blocks of units or townhouses the underground pipes can be impacted by tree roots growing and expanding either into the pipes pushing on the pipes or completely cracking them.  We use our CCTV equipment to determine the pipes existing integrity and identify any existing or future areas of concern that require attention.

Pipe Integrity

Wrench - TMV.jpg

Install new TMVs but also test and service existing TMVs to ensure the blended hot and cold water coming out of the tap is at a constant and safe temperature according to Australian Standards.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Double Tap - Backflow Prevention.jpg

Install, test and service backflow prevention containment devices, ensuring water is maintained at the right rate of pressure so your water is safe from contamination or pollution due to backflow.

Back Flow Prevention

Rubber Duck - Hot Water Heaters.jpg

Install brand new hot water units (gas and electric), as well as service and/or replace old units.  We make sure our customers have the right hot water system installed, it is a sufficient size to meet the demands of the number of users and is the right price.

Hot Water Heaters

Wrench & Spanner - Natural & LPG.jpg

Whether our clients use natural or LPG gas, we are licenced and experienced to carry out installation of gas points as well as disconnect and reconnect any services.

Natural and LPG Gas

Shower Head - Shower Trays.jpg

Through flood testing and diagnostics we can determine when a water leak is caused by a defective shower tray (the area at the base of your shower enclosure, often underneath the tiles).  We have a specialist who can then repair or replace the defective shower tray ensuring no ore leaks and more effective draining.

Shower Trays

Washing Machine - Renovations.jpg

Whether it’s a complete strip out and new installation (either using existing water points or relocation of services), a renovation of certain parts of your wet area, or just replacing one or 2 items our plumbers can support any renovation requirements.

Renovations - Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry

Sink Standing - Commercial Fitouts.jpg

This is the big scale stuff where a new bar, restaurant or commercial kitchen is either undergoing a renovation or a new one is being built from ground up.  We provide the expertise to run the plumbing aspects of these jobs.

Commercial Fit Outs and Renovations

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Drainage systems are an essential part of managing water flow on your site.  Installing storm water drainage, storm water pits or ag pipe ensures the correct water flow, for both natural and storm water runoff, in and around your property. 

Storm Water and Drainage

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Pumps are required to pump out water from low lying areas such as basements and underground garages.  We supply, install and maintain pumps where needed, including Saniflo systems.

Pump Installation and Maintenance

Single Tap - Water Filters.jpg

We install and service water filters that are operating in commercial kitchens, hospitals and cafes.  Occasionally we’ll pop one into a domestic house as well.

Water Filter Systems

Toilet - Urinals.jpg

Just like toilets urinals require maintenance to ensure correct workings and efficiency of water use.  We can both install and service all makes and models of urinals from domestic products to large scale public restroom systems.

Urinals and Automatic Flushing Units

Double Tap Dripping - Flow Restrictors.j

Water conservation is incredibly important now days and to make sure we care for our environment it is essential tap ware all contains suitable flow restriction.  We can install and service all flow restrictor tap ware and also provide you with advice on how to ensure good pressure is maintained for these devices.

Flow Restrictors

Plunger - Reactive.jpg

If something is broken then we’ll go and fix it, no matter what time of day, including sewer repairs, leaking toilet, tap washers, flooding, water leaks, mould, funny smells, overflows, etc.

Reactive Maintenance

Wrench & Spanner - Preventative.jpg

We offer a preventative maintenance service on those items where you need to get them inspected and/or serviced regularly.  We also have a number of clients who we routinely put the water jet down the pipes to clear out any pending blockages and also to ensure tree roots are not adversely affecting the integrity of the pipes.  Especially for older blocks of units and townhouses this is a particularly cost effective approach.

Preventative Maintenance