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Working with us

So you’re thinking about becoming a plumber or changing jobs (which I assume is why you are reading this)?


We all know plumbing isn’t glamorous, I mean the industry is mostly about ensuring waste water is managed so we don’t have to think about it.


However the plumbing industry image has changed….long gone are the days of plumbers wearing daggy old long pant overalls, driving beat up old vans full of old fittings and pipes.


Today plumbers are driving the latest 4x4’s.  They are well groomed, the type who spend time taking care of their health and fitness – but not in a vain way, just because drinking green juice and having great hair is so on trend!


When we look for new employees we are looking for people who take care – they clean up after themselves and do a bang on job, no leaks, no mess, zero fuss.  It’s the way our clients like it, it’s the way the boss likes it and it’s the way our staff like to work.


We are always looking for people with a good range of plumbing experience and skills and have the ability to communicate effectively, not just with the boss but with our client types too.


We are always looking for new talent so if you are looking for a new job we’d love to talk to you.


Call Chris on 0422 214 477 or submit an online enquiry and we’ll get in touch with you.